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PLEASE NOTE: Due to to changes in working as a result of COVID-19 related adjustments, most projects listed on this page will have or will be in the process of changing how they operate. For more information on a particular project, please follow the click through link and contact the relevant persons listed on the respective project pages.

Do you want to potentially help with the monitoring of Parkinson’s Disease movement symptoms through the development of new technology?

Keyboard key that says 'research'Participants are wanted for a new investigation in to whether computer software can distinguish video recordings of walking patterns caused by Parkinson’s disease from ‘normal’ walking patterns.

You will be asked to participate in a simple walking task on one occasion, over a maximum total distance of 10 metres (3 x 3 metres). You must be able to walk unaided over this distance. Your walking pattern (gait) will be captured using a standard video recorder. You will be fully clothed throughout but ideally in close-fitting clothing. The session is expected to take 15-20 minutes.

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Call for Papers: Roundtable on Issues of Race & Ethnicity

Group of people in circle with hands of top of each otherWe would like to invite you to a roundtable on Wednesday 6th November 2019, 9:30am-12:30pm. This event aims to bring together academics, with a common interest in race and ethnicity, to network and to facilitate new collaborative links. It is an opportunity for all of us to learn what each other is working on, forge new collaborations for funding bids and co-conducting research studies, and to develop thought leadership in areas of race within the University.

The day will begin with each participant presenting a brief three-minute overview of their research. We will then break into small groups, based on research interests, to ‘brainstorm’ potential collaborations and new projects. This will be followed by a summary of the day, and an agenda for future steps.

We would especially welcome participants working on scholarship in the following areas:

• Race, ethnicity, technology & the media
• Intersectional perspectives on race & ethnicity
• Issues of identity and development in relation to race & ethnicity
• Issues of race & ethnicity in connection to employment or human rights
• Historical understandings & construction of race & ethnicity
• Issues of racial & ethnic identity & stereotypes

Additionally, any other form of scholarship that focusses on race and/or ethnicity is invited to attend.

The roundtable is hosted by the Eleanor Glanville Centre – the University’s interdisciplinary centre for equality, diversity and inclusion.

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Call for Type 2 Diabetic Participants: RESTED – nonREm Sleep inTervention to improvE Diabetes

Sleep lab*Type 2 Diabetics (diet or metformin controlled only) needed – £50 paid study and free continuous glucose monitor worth £100*

The University of Lincoln would like to invite you to take part in a study looking at the effects of a sound intervention during sleep on glucose levels in type 2 diabetic participants.

Title of Study: RESTED – nonREm Sleep inTervention to improvE Diabetes

If you are interested in taking part, we would ask you to spend 3 nights (approximately one week apart) in our Sleep and Cognition Laboratory. On arrival, you would be asked to complete some sleep-related questionnaires and would be fitted with face and scalp electrodes to measure muscle tone and brain activity during sleep. During the night, we would ask you to wear some sleep-comfortable earphones delivering a quiet sound (this will not wake you) and on night 2, a small non-invasive device called a continuous glucose monitor will be fitted and worn for 14 days. In the morning, you will have the opportunity to have a shower and on days 2 and 3, will be asked to relax for 2 hours in the lab whilst completing a short reaction-time task, have a sugary drink and an oral glucose test.

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Inactive research participants over 60 years old required over the summer months

default research imageThe School of Sport and Exercise Science are running a research study which requires inactive or sedentary people aged either 60 or over who are reward £35 for full participation.

Our work involves visiting the Sports Centre on the Brayford campus twice, each visit separated by approximately 10 weeks. During each visit the following measurements and assessments which are all non-invasive and suitable for the over 60s:

– Height/weight measurements and blood pressure
– Three balance tests, a chair stand test and a bicep curl test with a light weighted dumbbell
– Five memory and decision making tests completed on a computer

We are looking to recruit straight away availability can be discussed and a favoured day for the visiting can be arranged. Car parking can also be arranged on request.

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Exploring burglary behaviours using immersive virtual reality – Participants needed!

research flyerResearchers in the School of Psychology are looking for any individual above the age of 18, who has not previously committed a burglary offence nor have any conditions of which may worsen by the use of a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset to come take part in a virtual reality study.

The aim of the study to explore the behaviours elicited during a mock version of a first time burglary offence.

What the study will involve?
1. You will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires relating to burglary, and emotional reactivity.
2. Virtual reality tutorial task – to get you acclimatised to VR, and so you get used to the controls.
3. VR mock burglary – You will then be asked to burgle a house within the VR.
4. Then you will be asked to complete another series of questionnaires measuring immersion.
5. Finally a short interview on what you did and how you felt during the mock burglary.

The study will take about 1 hour to complete.

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‘Labelling Matters’: Decolonising Historical Approaches by Marenka Thompson-Odlum (Pitt Rivers Museum)

people looking at cameraStaff and students are invited to attend a lunch-time seminar by Marenka Thompson-Odlum (Pitt Rivers Museum) on her work with the ‘Labelling Matters’ project at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford. This is the first in a series of events organised by the Race, Ethnicity, and Equality Working Group in the School of H&H.

The talk will take place on Thursday June 13th 1-2pm, ATB0109 as a lunch-time session (bring your own!)

‘Labelling Matters’–Marenka Thompson-Odlum (Pitt Rivers Museum)
‘This project examines historical labelling and language-use in the much-loved and criticised Pitt Rivers Museum, The ‘Labelling Matters’ project builds on inclusivity focused work being developed at the Pitt Rivers Museum and other ethnographic museums with the aim to
dissect and dismantle some of the complex contested words, stereotypes and concepts that are present not only in museums but in society at large.’

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Free Writing Retreat – Limited places available for all staff and students

riseholmeThe IMPact team are hosting a writers retreat on the 11th June 2019, 9am-4pm at Riseholme Campus, open to all colleagues to work on any writing but especially targeted at those who are new to producing peer-reviewed published work.

The IMPact team will be on hand to offer support and Professor John Sharp, Head of LHERI, will present a keynote on publishing for beginners at the start of the day (9-10am).

Coffee, tea and biscuits will provided.

Colleagues may join us for all or part of the day.

Limited places available, to sign up please email IMPact@Lincoln.ac.uk by 28th May 2019

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Last chance to participate in a study on loneliness in 60+ adults

elderly man***Last chance to participate***

Researchers at the School of Life Sciences and School of Psychology are undertaking a new study looking at reducing feelings of loneliness in older adults (60 years or older).

Requirements: To not eat, drink or exercise up to 2hours before the session.

The study takes place at the University of Lincoln (Minster House) and takes between 1h and 1h30.

You will receive a voucher (£10) as a thank you for your time.

If you are 60 years or older and would like to help us, please contact Catia Caeiro:
Work mobile: 07581269930

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Fully Funded PhD Studentship Opportunity at National Centre for Food Manufacturing (NCFM) – Holbeach campus

vegetablesProject Title: Exploring Microbiological Decontamination Strategies for Fresh Produce
Location: Holbeach Campus
Anticipated Start Date: 1 July 2019 or as soon as possible after this date.
Duration of Award: 3 years
Hours: Full-time
Application Closing Date: Midnight on Sunday 12 May 2019 (GMT)

Globally we face one of the most difficult times regarding foodborne disease outbreaks related to fresh produce, with an increase in the number of reported outbreaks associated with food of non-animal origin (FnAO) (European Food Safety Agency, (EFSA) Panel on Biological Hazards (BIOHAZ), 2013). Also the supply of fresh produce on an industrial scale has become a major challenge due to foodborne outbreaks from contaminated fresh produce increasingly reported in many parts of the world.

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