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Connecting people with research: enhancing support,
resources and visibility at University of Lincoln

Connecting people with research: enhancing support, resources and visibility at University of Lincoln


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Discover: Issue 2 – Call for Public Engagement with Research Contributions

The University of Lincoln’s Annual Report on public engagement with research, Discover, is calling for contributions for its second issue. The report showcases inspiring activities in which staff and students have engaged with the world beyond the university.

The publication, available in full-colour publication online and in hard copy, recognises, celebrates and promotes a remarkable range of activity which includes giving talks; contributing to films and exhibitions; running events; staging interactive activities; working with local businesses; organising focus groups; hosting debates; involving members of the public in research and much, much more.

Following its successful launch in 2018, a call is now open for the second issue of Discover with the deadline of 31st October 2019, to be released in 2020. We are looking for features in categories including ‘Publicly Engaged Research Projects’, ‘Regular Events in Spotlight’, ‘Centres and Research Groups in Spotlight’, ‘News’ and ‘Viewpoints’.

We would love to share your project – for more information on format, word count and how to submit, the PEARL Annual Report webpage. Articles should be submitted to by 31st October 2019.

  • Lincoln Fun Palace

    October 5, 2019  9:00 am - 3:00 pm

    Location: across Lincoln
    Audience: All welcome
    Description: Lincoln Fun Palace is part of a worldwide campaign and celebration of culture by, for and with the whole community. A Fun Palace is a free community event with arts and science activities inspired and made by the people who live locally. Featuring theatre performances, poetry, science experiments, music and pop-art workshops. Full list of activities to be confirmed soon.

    See further details at: 

Do you want to potentially help with the monitoring of Parkinson’s Disease movement symptoms through the development of new technology?

Keyboard key that says 'research'Participants are wanted for a new investigation in to whether computer software can distinguish video recordings of walking patterns caused by Parkinson’s disease from ‘normal’ walking patterns.

You will be asked to participate in a simple walking task on one occasion, over a maximum total distance of 10 metres (3 x 3 metres). You must be able to walk unaided over this distance. Your walking pattern (gait) will be captured using a standard video recorder. You will be fully clothed throughout but ideally in close-fitting clothing. The session is expected to take 15-20 minutes.

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Do Public Engagement


A new module of training sessions for carrying out effective public engagement with research has been developed in a collaboration between the University of Lincoln and the University of Southampton, grant-funded by UKRI. The module is made up of 4 episodes, outlined below. These can completed as standalone sessions, if there is an area you are particularly interested in, or in sequence.

Each Episode has an online element, to be completed prior to the session and a face to face session.

Click here to book.


The PEARL Activity grants fund new activities every year that get people beyond the University involved in research.

Staff and students can apply for funding to run an interactive event or demonstration at a local school, invite a community group to come and give their opinion on research or be participants (e.g. take a survey, offer opinion, help design research…), host a focus group or debate and more. The brief is designed to invite innovation, as showed in the range of the 11 funded PEARL 2019-20 projects.


Through this section PEARL will be gathering and sharing additional opportunities for staff and students to organise, support and recognise activity engaging people in research. News will include external opportunities to apply for funding, attend workshops and training, try new resources and more.

Share & Celebrate


At the University of Lincoln, the Vice-Chancellor’s Public Engagement with Research Awards recognise staff and students who have made outstanding contributions to engaging people and communities beyond the university in new knowledge, invention and discovery.

Students across the University can also elect to have their work engaging people with research recognised in working towards and achieving the Lincoln Award.


The PEARL Conference showcases the exciting range, extent and diversity of public engagement with research that takes place at the University of Lincoln.

PEARL (Public Engagement for All with Research at Lincoln) look forward to welcoming staff and students to the third annual University of Lincoln Public Engagement with Research Conference in March 2020. This will celebrate and share the extensive research that takes place across university which offers opportunities for members of the public to get involved.

Annual Report

The PEARL Annual Report Discover shares and celebrates the exciting highlights, centres, projects and people involved in sharing research beyond the University.

The University of Lincoln is producing its first Annual Report Discover, celebrating public engagement with research at Lincoln: showcasing inspiring activities in which staff and students have engaged with the world beyond the university. Discover 2018 will be a full-colour publication available online and in hard copy from March 2019.

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