PEARL Annual Report: Discover

Contribute to Discover: Issue 3 | DEADLINE EXTENDED!

PEARL is looking for article submissions to the next issue of Discover. This year, we’re asking you to share you stories, experiences and reports with us under one of our three categories, below.

1. Events In The Spotlight

Lincolnshire boasts a huge variety of regular programmes of events, from the Lincolnshire Show and TEDx Brayford Pool, to the Pint of Science & Being Human Festivals. This category features those who’ve organised or delivered public engagement activity as part of these events and more.

2. Publicly Engaged Research Projects 

This is the broadest of our three categories. Here we feature a wide variety of unique and exciting projects which engage specific public audiences in their research through a diverse range of formats. Each year we feature projects from across the University which cover a wide range of subject matter, aims and methods of engagement.

3. Engaging Thoughts

New for this issue, we are asking people to share their experiences of engaging wider publics in research. We are very keen to highlight stories which can give others an insight into the experience of being involved in public engagement with research, and in particular, what lessons you may have learnt along the way.

For full details about each category and formatting requirements, please see our Guidance Notes for Article Submissions document using the link, below.

Send us your articles now using the link below

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Weds 20th January 2021

For ideas and inspiration, take a look at the previous issues of Discover, below. If you have any questions or would like any help and advice regarding your submission, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

What is Discover?

Discover is the University of Lincoln’s annual review of activities and initiatives which engage wider society with research. Discover shares, celebrates, informs and inspires people within and beyond the University about the remarkable range of activity taking place at Lincoln which engages people in research. This includes giving talks; contributing to exhibitions; running events; staging interactive activities; working with local businesses; organising focus groups; hosting debates; involving members of the public in research and much, much more. 

Each issue of Discover is available can be downloaded by clicking on the images below, or using these links: Discover Issue 1, Discover Issue 2. Discover is also available in hard copy on request, using this form

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