2022-23 Grant Recipients

Each round of funding is open to all University of Lincoln staff and students, who can apply for up £1000 to run an interactive event or project that seeks to engage wider audiences in research at Lincoln. The names of this year’s successful applicants and their project titles are listed below.

Amy Lilwall

Lincoln School of English and Journalism
A Lincolnshire Anthology

Jade Rose King

Lincoln School of English and Journalism
Lincoln Sloth storytelling events

Jim Cheshire

School of History and Heritage
Stimulating archival engagement through the Tennyson Research Centre

Phillipa McDonnell

School of History and Heritage
Objectivity?: Re-reading historic artifacts through creative writing 

Richard Ngomba

School of Pharmacy
Social Engagement: Drumming up health issues among the Parkinon’s Community in Lincolnshire

Rosemary Fieldson

School of Architecture and the Built Environment
Demystifying embodied carbon in the built environment workshop

Sandra Kazlauskaite

Lincoln School of Film and Media
Sounding Borers

Victoria Ellis-Vowles

Dept’ of Marketing, Languages & Tourism
Craft Ale Production, Community and Culture: Making craft beer work for your business