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Connecting people with research: enhancing support,
resources and visibility at University of Lincoln

Connecting people with research: enhancing support, resources and visibility at University of Lincoln


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Pastures new for one of UK’s most vulnerable sheep breeds

A pedigree flock of ‘vulnerable’ rare breed Lincoln Longwool sheep has found a new home on the University of Lincoln’s Riseholme Campus, where they will help to preserve the future of the breed and enhance agricultural teaching, learning and research.

The University’s farm is now the proud owner of 10 Lincoln Longwool ewes – the UK’s largest native sheep breed, renowned for its large heavy fleece of long lustrous wool, to which the county owes much of its historic wealth.

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  • Ghost Town

    March 27, 2019  4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

    Location: 3116, Alfred Tennyson Building, University of Lincoln
    Audience: All welcome
    Booking: No booking required
    Cities are haunted places, haunted by the ghosts of people, buildings, things which once stood and now no longer remain. Traces of these might be lost to the passing of time, but the city is also vividly recalled in another haunted place: the television archive.
    This paper looks at the Ghost Town project, a series of ongoing exhibitions and screenings of archive television in cinemas, museums and other more unorthodox venues around the city of Coventry, UK.
    It argues that the television archive uniquely gathers together traces of a city's cultural, social, and political life, and that bringing these traces out of this archive presents an opportunity for researchers and the public to examine a city's past, present and future together.
    This presents a radical shift away from the conception of TV archive as being for a small number of specialist users, and reveals the powerful, democratic relationship between television and personal and social formations of memory.

Call for Type 2 Diabetic Participants: RESTED – non-REM Sleep inTervention to improve Diabetes

We would like to invite you to take part in a study looking at the effects of a sound intervention during sleep on glucose levels in type 2 diabetic participants.

Title of Study: RESTED – nonREm Sleep inTervention to improvE Diabetes

If you are interested in taking part, we would ask you to spend 3 nights (approximately one week apart) in our Sleep and Cognition Laboratory. On arrival, you would be asked to complete some sleep-related questionnaires and would be fitted with face and scalp electrodes to measure muscle tone and brain activity during sleep. During the night, we would ask you to wear some sleep-comfortable earphones delivering a quiet sound and on night 2, a small non-invasive glucose monitor will be fitted and worn for 14 days.

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Do Public Engagement


A new module of training sessions for carrying out effective public engagement with research has been developed in a collaboration between the University of Lincoln and the University of Southampton, grant-funded by UKRI. The module is made up of 4 episodes, outlined below. These can completed as standalone sessions, if there is an area you are particularly interested in, or in sequence.

Each Episode has an online element, to be completed prior to the session and a face to face session.

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The PEARL Activity grants fund new activities every year that get people beyond the University involved in research.

Staff and students can apply for funding to run an interactive event or demonstration at a local school, invite a community group to come and give their opinion on research or be participants (e.g. take a survey, offer opinion, help design research…), host a focus group or debate and more. The brief is designed to invite innovation, as showed in the success of the 8 funded PEARL 2018-19 projects.

Share & Celebrate


At the University of Lincoln, the Vice-Chancellor’s Public Engagement with Research Awards recognise staff and students who have made outstanding contributions to engaging people and communities beyond the university in new knowledge, invention and discovery.

Students across the University can also elect to have their work engaging people with research recognised in working towards and achieving the Lincoln Award.


The PEARL Conference showcases the exciting range, extent and diversity of public engagement with research that takes place at the University of Lincoln.

PEARL (Public Engagement for All with Research at Lincoln) look forward to welcoming staff and students to the second annual University of Lincoln Public Engagement with Research Conference on March 20th 2019. This will celebrate and share the extensive research that takes place across university which offers opportunities for members of the public to get involved.

Annual Report

The PEARL Annual Report Discover shares and celebrates the exciting highlights, centres, projects and people involved in sharing research beyond the University.

The University of Lincoln is producing its first Annual Report Discover, celebrating public engagement with research at Lincoln: showcasing inspiring activities in which staff and students have engaged with the world beyond the university. Discover 2018 will be a full-colour publication available online and in hard copy from March 2019.

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