people looking at cameraStaff and students are invited to attend a lunch-time seminar by Marenka Thompson-Odlum (Pitt Rivers Museum) on her work with the ‘Labelling Matters’ project at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford. This is the first in a series of events organised by the Race, Ethnicity, and Equality Working Group in the School of H&H.

The talk will take place on Thursday June 13th 1-2pm, ATB0109 as a lunch-time session (bring your own!)

‘Labelling Matters’–Marenka Thompson-Odlum (Pitt Rivers Museum)
‘This project examines historical labelling and language-use in the much-loved and criticised Pitt Rivers Museum, The ‘Labelling Matters’ project builds on inclusivity focused work being developed at the Pitt Rivers Museum and other ethnographic museums with the aim to
dissect and dismantle some of the complex contested words, stereotypes and concepts that are present not only in museums but in society at large.’

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